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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Human Desire

Human always want change in its present state i.e. demanding nature. The word 'Demand' has two aspects firstly arising out of necessity and secondly beyond necessity. In earlier human life to fulfil the bare necessity of life human being started demanding such as food, clothing’s, security, and then, when he started possession of his personal property and individual wealth - his demand beyond necessity started. It is his natural instinct. The question is the limitation, volume and rationale of demand .Demanding a salary beyond my volume of work performed, not reasonable but in other case parent’s demands from his son being well educated; this is quite a reasonable demand. No one can answer why demands, but can answer what and when to demand. Human nature has got an urge to grow that means it has desire, that's the key to evolution. Geology inform us that living beings started from the sea. Slowly they started living on the land. Why they came to land? It was their desire or demand at that time. So the demand is in our genes. Exploring new avenues is in our blood for millions of years. Demands can convert as evolution or inventions.

So can we say that people when start to achieve something, they somehow get addicted to achievement & try to achieve more & more which make him/her demanding. Humans always been demanding for they were not satisfied for all the things that they have even though a human have more than enough he/she always asking for more, unsatisfaction becomes desires and desires become demands. So, here is the heat.....

When I talked about 'human desire' with myself and asked my heart about his past desires then my heart stated his desire like that,

Heart said, "When he was in secondary school he had a desire of getting first rank in class, when he was in senior secondary he got an additional desire of becoming an engineer so he started preparing for IIT JEE, after Intermediate when he Cleared IIT JEE and got a particular stream in college then he had a desire of branch change because he started liking other stream of engineering than his own, similarly, when his desire got fulfilled then he had another demand of getting a good job............ So on......., his that desire also accomplished ... Now he is in professional world again demanding something different and wants the change again....So again a desire or demand...."

Again I asked my heart about the life I want to live again.

Heart replies (without thinking), “School life and college life as it was the most beautiful phase of his life", so that was the real rocking world.......

My heart reminds me of my college days at IT BHU.......

Few words and moments that suddenly came to my mind were:

Proxy (fake attendance),

Limbdi Corner, D.G Corner (nevertheless than restaurant, BG meeting point),

HG (Hyderabad gate),

Baap, Daddu (seniors),

Brahmastra, Farrae (sorry private),

Aahar Vihar (dhaba)

Final year class scene

Everyone wants to occupy last seat or hide himself from Profs Eyes but my friend Rajkiran sits in the front....., Ankur asking from outside about his proxy, on enquiring he replies, ‘sleeping because played poker all night with M.Tech guys n supplemented that from tomorrow onwards he will be regular’......, Garg always asking for pen and paper.

Lobby scene one day before Exam

Few people enquiring about course, few about Xerox copies, Nishant trying to feed concepts in mind of Garg........Ankur trying to make agreement with Rajkiran that he will teach him....Namit becoming red and yellow with tension. Rajkiran had already completed the course and now roaming in lobby....Rishi looking very upset with Strong boy (Karan).....Mudit and Kaifi discussing endlessly on any unwanted topic.....Ranjeet likes listening to music in full sound in this situation....Harry :) sleeping....Nikhil wants to play CS with M.Tech guys...Ankit busy on gtalk somewhere else...Ravi sleeping with notebook on his chest...Vijay, KP, Reddy hmm trying to study.... Arun busy on mobile.....and nevertheless few were seriously studying....... :)

So these are few moments that I will never forget in my life because today life is full of commitments, and too many worries, but those were the cherished moments and will live forever in my memory.


  1. a quick reminder of the past :)
    nice one!!

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  3. Hey very glad to read the latter part of your article. It reminded me of college again. Missing those days a lot!!!!!